Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tilapia spinach salad

Busy day today. I have to get all my computer work and phone calls done, plus the school pickups. Started off the day with some yogurt, and a piece of bread with honey. I had my lunch planned out, so it was a carb based breakfast today.
In between the school pickups I had a total treat! I got a full-fat vanilla latte from Beans and Brews.
It was sooo good. I have really been fooling myself with the non-fat skinny latte crap. When at home I only put 1% milk in my coffee, no sweetener, but with a latte I really need something. It was such a treat, and it is a good thing I don't live close to a coffee house.
Got home and was ready for lunch. I made a salad from our leftovers last night. It was spinach, tilapia, strawberries, feta, and light ranch. I know, I know, strawberries and ranch? They actually complement each other well.
Now its off to work! (at home) I am so behind on the emails and phone calls I have to do today.

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