Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Been absent for a few days

Sorry about the absence the last few days. I got busy with the Easter holiday and things snowballed from there.
Easter brunch was fabulous and I will post the photos from that tomorrow. Brunch consisted of the following: creme brulee french toast, honey baked ham, chocolate covered fruit, and different juices/milks. It was so good and the perfect mix of too much sweet (the french toast) and the salty (the ham) and a good mix on the fruit since dark chocolate was used.
No lunch since brunch was so late, but dinner! Dinner was a mish mash kind of. It was hosted at my grandmas house and everybody brought something different. For appetizers there was a veggie tray, and I brought imported brie from France and really good crackers. I split the cheese between two ramekins and broiled them in my toaster oven, it was delicious! Then the main course was a saltrock wrapped prime rib. Then there were various side dishes and salads. Funeral potatoes (a utah thing), pasta salad, baked beans, and others I am sure I missed. Dessert consisted of carrot cake and strawberry shortcake ( I didn't have either.)
It was a fun busy day that led into a busy week. Tomorrow I will post the photos from easter brunch and the recipe for the french toast, and later in the week I am going to make my mother in laws recipe for Chili Verde!

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