Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy Saturday!

I took zero pictures of my food today. But this is how it went! I started with a joyous cup (or two) of my fabulous eight o'clock brand coffee. (Which I am going to send a bag of to the blog stalker , in hopes of an honorable mention so I can increase some traffic around here!! :) ) I have been out for a few days and was making do with a crappy half caf blend that I didn't like at all! So that was very exciting to have a nice columbian blend this morning.
Hubby made me breakfast, consisting of one piece of toast, one piece of bacon, and one over easy egg.
I didn't eat lunch. I know I should have, but I had to go show houses and was out on the road, but I made up for it at dinner. I picked up take out from Bajio. If you have never eaten there I highly recommend it. I had the Green Chile Chicken Quesadilla's and husband had the mesquite lime chicken salad. Delish!
My friend Cami just got here and we are going to share a bottle of red wine, while my husband goes to their house and plays video games.

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