Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boring Food + A restaurant review

We have had such a boring food week! I haven't made anything fun and exciting.
Last night we had baked potatoes for dinner, the night before tacos....
Although on Saturday night my husband and I got take out on my way home from work. There is an old time restaurant in the city next to us, so on my way home we decided to see if they do take out. This restaurant is know for their steaks, but I couldn't really imagine eating a steak to go, but they were doing a special on buffalo burgers. They were awesome! Big and juicy, and the buns were really fresh. ( There is a bakery a few doors down, they probably get them there) Very simple side too. Mine was literally just a small potato cut into 1/4's and fried. That was it. Simple but very tasty. The restaurant is Porter's Place and I really recommend it to anyone going through Utah. Also if you are traveling with kids they do have kids meals for $1.95. That is half the cost of most restaurant kids meals. The buffalo burgers normally run about 6 bucks, but I think they were on special for 5. So it can be really affordable too, and is fairly close to the freeway in Lehi.

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