Friday, April 24, 2009

Soft Chenin Blanc

Thought I would throw in a wine review for a change. But don't think that that means I know anything at all! I don't! I promise!
I like to experiment and try different wines, so I will troll the aisles of the local liquor store and buy what looks good and is on sale!
I ended up being pleasantly surprised by this one. At 5 bucks a bottle I didn't have very high hopes. ( It was originally about 8 bucks I believe.)
This is not a wine that I would want all the time, or would serve as a generic white as it is very sweet! It is not as sweet as a moscato, but still sweet. From the first sip I could taste a definite something and it took me a while to place a finger on it. It was honey! It had a definite honey taste to it. To me that was really the only discernible flavor. I know I am supposed to be able to taste all the subtle nuances, but I never can!
So Ste Chapelle Soft Chenin Blanc I would definitely drink again, but wouldn't go seeking it out.
If anyone out there in the blog world has a wine to recommend let me know! I will see if I can find it here in Utah!

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