Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Perfect coffee? I think so.....

I am always looking for the way to make a perfect cup of coffee, and I LOVE appliances.....
I really think for me, that I have hit upon the perfect mix of coffee and maker to make the perfect cup with what I have.
We had a cheapo coffee maker that made the absolute best coffee! Unfortunately the carafe broke, and it wasn't replaceable. (that's what we get for buying an off brand, christmas special that isn't a brand that is even heard of)
I searched high and low for what to replace it with, tried precolaters, french press, everything. We finally settled on a Mr. Coffee brand automatic drip coffee maker. The difference in this is, that I can pick the brew strength, and it drips into a thermal carafe, that doesn't break!, and keeps it warm without sitting on the heat. That was a big draw for me, because I like my coffee fresh.
The mix....
After countless brands we have decided on the Eight O'Clock coffee columbian. I don't grind my own beans either.
My coffee maker is a 10 cup, and I measure exactly 1/3 cup of beans. That would maybe be a little too weak for some people so play around a little, but that is what is the perfect mix for me. I also use fresh filtered water, and I let me carafe soak with hot water for about 5 minutes before so the coffee stays hotter longer. I love the fact that I can go to my pot at 2 o clock in the afternoon and it is still fresh and hot! No sitting on a hot plate getting burned.
I highly recommend the stainless steel carafe for anyone who likes to have a cup later in the afternoon without making a whole new pot. I have cut down on so much waste!
The columbian blend has just the right mix of flavor... and actually just won the consumer reports taste test. I always hesitated to try 8 o clock since it is so cheap, but it really is the best I have tried.

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