Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm exaughsted!

I am so tired! Been going since 7 this morning non stop. And I am NOT a morning person! lol... I hope my husband appreciates all this birthday stuff...
After I posted breakfast, I headed out to pick up my mother-in-law. We went to a specialty pastry shop about 45 minutes away from my house to pick up my husbands favorite cake. Chocolate rum cake. It is soo good, and had rum balls on the top. Then we went to a restaurant called Village Baker to pick up a sandwich for him (I know what you are thinking, sandwich for his bday?) But trust me. They make all their bread fresh and their sandwiches are a treat! I got him roast beef on wheat, and I had veggie and provolone on squaw bread.
Now we had to take all this stuff to my husbands work, because he can't leave for lunch, and has to work until 8 o clock tonight.
So after that, I headed home to pick up kids from school (i did have half of them with me) and ran back to the grocery store to get a few items for a surprise dessert for my husband.
Got home and fixed split pea soup (a favorite of his, and I have some saved for when he gets home, and his special dessert, caramel drop cookies. These are slightly time consuming, so I don't make these very much, but these are his favorite cookies from growing up, so I tried to at least make them for his birthday.
Now the question for all of you out there in blog land, is, how do I go about turning a cookie recipe into bars? I am thinking these would be much easier to make as a bar style cookie with all of the icing and everything. Any suggestions?

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