Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Central Park Burger

I know I said last week that I was going to be a better food blogger, but that didn't happen obviously....lol
Oh well... here I try again
Has anyone ever eaten at Central Park Burger? When my husband and I first met and got married 10-11 years ago we used to eat at this little burger joint all the time. it is just a drive through window, you can't eat in the restaurant, but really good. They would do these specials on chili dogs where you could get a bunch for really cheap and the fries were so good. Well they all closed down and I haven't had one in about 8 years. Well yesterday I had to show vacant land in another county and we decided to continue the trip up to the idaho border and buy lottery tickets. And every time we go buy lottery tickets we pass through a town on the way home that still has a central park burger.
It was dinner time and I remembered all the glory of the old days and we decided to stop there..
I was sooo dissapointed! It did not live up to my remembrances at all!
good Points: It was still cheap. You can get a hamburger meal with fries and a drink for $3.84.
Bad points: They made the hamburger then waited for the fries to cook. The fries were scalding hot and the hamburger was cold. (it tasted decent, but still!)
Also the fries were about half gone, when the husband decided to tell me that the last fry he ate tasted wierd and really bitter. I joked that it was probably a rat's leg, and that kind of ruined the fries from there. The rest went uneaten.
I think it sucks when you build something up in your mind for so many years and then it is so dissapointing. That is one of the reasons I don't want In-and-Out burger to come to Utah. It is such a treat when we are going through Las Vegas or California to get one, I don't want to be dissapointed when it can be every day life...
Our other quest is to one day have a real White Castle burger. The only one I've ever had is the little frozen ones you can buy at the grocery store, and I'm guessing they aren't nearly as good.
What about everyone out there in blog land. What is your food quest that you have never tried but really want to?

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